Get things Done!

The only management consulting firm in Israel that truly understands the transformative fusion of Business and Technology, and how it can benefit its clients.


At DataToCapital, as a management consulting boutique, we offer state-of-the-art market intelligence and custom market research for a broad range of industries. Our super-power is to know how to locate, to reverse engineer and to decrypt very specific public information and hidden signals in the market. In today's hyper competitive market environment, we help our customers with solid market insights to support their internal strategic decision making process.


Coming with the right value proposition, at the right time, to the right customer segment, and at the right price requires going beyond intuition and experience. At DataToCapital, we have helped many Tier-1 companies in Israel and abroad achieve sustained and profitable growth. We view Corporate and Product Strategy as a proprietary set of actions that makes your firm, products and services top performers in their respective markets. 


At DataToCapital, "execution” means achieving “execution excellence” through transforming a conceptual strategy and/or a product vision expressed by management into operational and commercial actions which lead to ultimate success for you. Thanks to decades of experience driving large-scale projects, we are your ultimate partner for leading your top-down strategic initiatives.