What if traditional Management & Strategy Consulting meets up with Technological Expertise ?

Who we are

DataToCapital is a leading Management Consulting company based in Israel that supports global firms and start-ups in their route to excellence, innovation and market disruption.

We are the only Management Consulting & Strategy company that truly understands the transformative fusion of Business and Technology, and how it can benefit its clients.

"Leveraging my past 20 years of business experience working on the specification, development and deployment of major successful digital products for giants such as Oracle, Amazon, EDF, Teva, Samsung, BSkyB, DirecTV and Amdocs, I founded DataToCapital in 2015 to support corporate executives, board members and entrepreneurs to formulate their business vision, to shape a coherent strategy and to reach stunning product execution."

What we do


Our super-power is to know how to locate, reverse engineer and decrypt very specific public information and hidden signals in the market. In today's hyper-competitive market environment, our market research expertise combined with our cross-sector knowledge allow our customers to reach a deep comprehension of their respective industry and competitive landscapes. Over the years, our insights have been leveraged by our clients as part of their internal strategic business decision making process.

Coming with the right value proposition, at the right time, to the right customer segment, and at the right price requires going beyond intuition and experience. At DataToCapital, we have helped many Tier-1 firms and start-ups companies in Israel and abroad achieve sustained and profitable growth. We view Corporate and Product Strategy as a proprietary set of actions that makes your firm, products and services top performers in their respective markets.



As a strategic consulting company our work doesn’t stop at giving our customers a 'business plan' or some ‘strategic advice'. To be the best business partner, we understand our duty is to go "one step further" and offer our customers support on the actual execution of the selected strategy. For us, it means being embedded into our customers' teams achieving “execution excellence” through transforming a conceptual strategy and/or a product vision expressed by management into operational and commercial actions which lead to ultimate success.

We are helping our customers change the game in their industries

Best-in-class market intelligence expertise

Tremendous cross-functional and cross-industry experience

One-stop shop addressing both opportunity identification and execution

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