What type of consultant should your business choose?

What type of consultant should your business choose?

Yohan Albo - CEO DataToCapital Consulting LTD.

By Yohan Albo

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Too many businesses are not willing to hire business consultants and ask for their advice when they desperately need to. By nature, entrepreneurs are independent. They started the company and they envision its future and ostensibly know exactly how to realize the company’s success.


However, in reality, it is impossible for any one person or organization to know every intricate detail about growing and managing a business. Often it makes sense to seek advice from others, but which sort of consultants should be providing advice for your business? Not all advice is equal and certainly not all advice is good. Thus, when hiring a consultant, it is important to adopt the following guidelines:

Business Consulting Problem Solving

Consummate Professional

Firstly, a reputable business consultant must be a consultant of impeccable character. The consultant has a moral obligation to put the interests of the client ahead of his/her own. The consultant must be willing to his/her client the hard truths. In other words, not what the client wants to hear but what they need to hear. And more importantly, the consultant must deeply care, not only about his paycheck, but inherently about the success of the client he/she is working for.


A good consultant should have industry experience with the challenges and/or growth opportunities your business is facing.

Problem Solver

By definition, a consultant is a problem solver. If a consultant isn’t a problem solver then he just is not a consultant.

Marvin Bower, the founder of McKinsey and Company, stated that a management consultant has “mental equipment… the successful consultant has outstanding analytical skill and the ability to synthesize his thoughts readily in reaching conclusions…He is a quick and effective learner…imaginative and creative.”

As Bower outlined, these are the necessary skills to be a good problem solver and ipso facto a good consultant.

Business woman hands connecting jigsaw puzzle. Business solutions, success and strategy concept. Businessman hand connecting jigsaw puzzle.

Communication Skills

A business consultant must to be articulate and convey strong communication skills, both verbal and written, so that his/her client fully understands the problems, opportunities and solutions to be implemented in his/her business.

If you can’t communicate your advice in an effective manner, you could have the intelligence of Einstein, but your advice would be close to worthless because your client is unable to implement your advice.

Interpersonal Skills

A consultant needs to get along with his/her client and build their trust. If a consultant’s client does not trust him/her, then any advice the client receives will be viewed extremely skeptical and likely will not be implemented. Just like a patient must trust his doctor, a client must trust his/her consultant.

A businessperson must choose a consultant who he/she can build a trust-based professional relationship

The above tips are not full-proof, but they do provide solid guidance to choosing a consultant.

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DataToCapital is a boutique management consulting firm that supports global tier-1 firms and start-up companies operating in Israel in their route to excellence and market dominance. Our core services, designed for CEOs, Executives (VP-level and above) and Entrepreneurs, can be divided into three areas: Market Intelligence, Corporate and Product Strategy, and Execution Support on top-down strategic initiatives.

The quality of the work we deliver in the three areas mentioned above is equivalent to what your company may already get from the top-3 consulting firms that operate in the Israeli market, BUT here’s the twist and why our tier-1 clients think we are superior.

We don’t only provide smart recommendations, we work closely with the management team and can also support driving the execution of their strategic initiatives behind the scenes or as a proxy.

We are at the strategic intersection of Business and Technology. Thanks to our rich background, we know how to connect the dots between the two worlds, and how to be very creative when it comes to disrupting business models or addressing sub-optimized processes with the help of advanced technological solutions (Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Visualization, Enterprise Software Solutions, and many other tools present in our toolbox).

This is a built-in feature. No account manager, no complex communication chain, etc... This is why our firm aims to dominate the management consulting market in Israel with no more than eight talents (...on steroids).

Our long-term vision is to become the trusted advisor to the most influential businesses and institutions operating in Israel, and help them become global leaders in their markets.

DataToCapital Consulting Is An Active Member Of The Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI) Association And Of The Israel's Directors Union

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