10 Apps for busy Israeli CEOs
and Executives

Yohan Albo - CEO DataToCapital Consulting LTD.

By Yohan Albo

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CEOs are busy people and are constantly under pressure. In a technological age, CEOs whether they like it or not, are always reachable. They constantly have to be on-call and check their emails. There is never a spare moment where CEOs don’t have something to do. Nonetheless, CEOs need not just use their phones and other electronic devices to answer calls and emails. Rather, they can also leverage their electronic devices by downloading apps that will increase their productivity, knowledge and even reduce their stress levels.

Here are 10 apps for Israeli CEOs:



Evernote allows you to capture, organise and share notes from anywhere, meaning your best ideas are always with you and always in sync. With Evernote, you can organise your work and declutter your life by collection everything that matters in one place and find it when you need it. Furthermore, the app allows you to enhance your notes with links, checklists, tables, attachments, audio recordings and even makes it possible to search handwritten notes. But don’t only keep your notes to yourself, share them with your team from initial brainstorm to finished project.

 Website: https://bit.ly/1dieaFy


Google Play Store: https://bit.ly/1ftOvbd

iTunes Store: https://apple.co/2GPJiNg

Language: English


TheMarker logo2

The Marker is one of Israel’s leading news publications on all things economics and finance. Read The Marker and you’ll be in the know of all the latest business developments in Israel and the consequences it might have on your company.

 Website: https://bit.ly/2Kld3aX 

Google Play Store: 

iTunes Store: https://apple.co/2rroWnG

Language: Hebrew & English


Similarly to The Marker, Globes is Israel’s business arena. Globes has a unique ability to report on Israel’s day-to-day news from a business perspective, providing readers with the impact developments in Israel have on the business community.

 Website: https://bit.ly/2EZz8Zi

Google Play Store: https://bit.ly/2s6gJXi

iTunes Store: 

Language: English



Mindfulness (or meditation) has been shown to help us reduce stress levels, focus more and sleep better. Headspace is a fantastic app that makes meditation simple. In just ten minutes everyday, the Headspace app can help you feel relaxed and less stressed. This app is no more suitable than for CEOs who’s stress levels are demonstrably higher than the average person. You might think that you don’t have ten minutes of spare time but be assured that this mere investment can help you improve your wellbeing and focus more than any cup of coffee is able to.

 Website: https://bit.ly/Wjqnnq


Google Play Store: https://bit.ly/2GNo0zZ

iTunes Store: https://apple.co/2IE3mqL

Language: English



Coursera offers 1000s of online courses taught by instructors from the world’s best universities and educational institutions. Learn a new skill in as little as 4-6 weeks, earn course certificates and even learn university-recognised degrees online. On Coursera you can learn on your phone or computer and have access to academic and technical support.

Coursera was founded in 2012 by two Stanford Computer Science professors who wanted to share their knowledge and skills with the world. On Coursera, they’ve built a platform where anyone, anywhere can learn and earn credentials from the world’s top university and education providers.

 Website: https://bit.ly/18HdJkD


Google Play Store: https://bit.ly/Pax9bf

iTunes Store:  https://apple.co/1V99fcW

Language: English

6.Reshet Osim Historia (Making History)

MakinGHistory Logo

Osim Historia has a wide range of podcasts with leading Israeli historians, businesspeople, political figures, medical professionals and more. If you’re looking to gain insight into Israel’s most brilliant minds, Osim Historia is the perfect app for you. Most of the podcasts are in Hebrew but there are some English language podcasts available on high tech, cyber security and history.

 Website: https://bit.ly/2K26vOa


Google Play Store: https://bit.ly/2s4Ubq6

iTunes Store:

Language: Hebrew


If you’re an information junkie (which I assume you are as a CEO), Blinkist is the app for you. In just 15 minutes of reading or listening, the Blinkist app allows you to gain key insights into 2500+ bestselling nonfiction books. Boost your professional skills by learning the essential ideas from the best books in your field, from productivity to business to science.

 Website: https://bit.ly/1iUGcbP


Google Play Store: https://bit.ly/1GWo795

iTunes Store: https://apple.co/2xrFPnf

Language: English

8.INSEAD Knowledge

INSEAD Knowledge showcases the latest business thinking and views from award-winning faculty and global contributors. Updated daily, with weekly recommendations from the editor and a tablet and smartphone app, it is a free resource for global executives and managers looking for answers to business challenges. The app provides insights on leadership, organisations, economics and finance, strategy, entrepreneurship, operations management, customers, careers, family businesses and more. If you want to improve your managerial and problem solving skills, you won’t find too many resources more useful than INSEAD Knowledge.

 Website: https://bit.ly/2IPs5tf


Google Play Store: https://bit.ly/1NhGATg

iTunes Store: https://apple.co/2skETN8

Language: English

9.Podcast Addict

With over 8 million downloads and a 4.6/5 star rating, Podcast Addict is the number one podcast app, featuring tens of thousands podcasts, from podcasts on business, to computer science to politics. After downloading this app, you will become a podcast addict. The perfect way to make the most of your time in the car or whilst exercising.

 Website: https://bit.ly/2rrHvZI


Google Play Store: https://bit.ly/1v2Laen

iTunes Store: 

Language: English


When your team needs to start a project, hire more employees, write some code, review a sales contract, finalise next year’s budget, do significance testing or just organise an office party, Slack can do it all. Slack is a great way to interact with your employees and keep on top of business related activities. With millions of downloads, Slack has become the leading business-related messaging app in the world.

 Website: https://bit.ly/1uEVWVc 


Google Play Store: https://bit.ly/1dsVgL4

iTunes Store: https://apple.co/2yE1d5H

Language: English

At DataToCapital, we love these apps and couldn’t recommend them more highly. By using these resources, we truly believe you’ll be more knowledgeable, organised and relaxed.  

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