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Running a business is tough, no matter what the industry, the composition of your product line-up or the maturity of your firm… From a bottom-up perspective, being a CEO entails being ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the company’s long- and short-term plans. From a top-down perspective, however, the CEO acts as a direct liaison between the Board and management of the company and communicates to the Board on behalf of management.

At DataToCapital, bringing value by becoming the thinking partner and advisor to CEOs on their strategic issues and challenges has become second nature to us. We can do this thanks to our experience working with/for small and large organizations in Israel and abroad at a C-level.

We are the secret weapon for CEOs against the constant uncertainty and ambiguity, and the inevitable degree of isolation and loneliness they face.

Why would a CEO
seek external advice ?

Here is what we believe are the answers, based on
actual input received from our CEO clients:

Get a new perspective

Knowing the business inside out has its “other side of the coin” effect. When being deep in the day-to-day operations or always surrounded by the same group of people, the CEO will most likely not see innovative opportunities. They will tend to repeat their suboptimal approach to solving specific problems encountered in the past. Bringing someone in that could have a fresh look at the known issues and offer a new perspective on how to tackle a given problem could definitively be a true boost, and even re-energize an initiative.

Work With Someone Not Involved In The Day-To-Day Politics Of The Organization

It could take some time to reach the right level of trust while working with a consultant, but for a CEO to be able to tell the Truth (with a capital “T”) with no frictions or unnecessary storytelling, no matter how ugly, is not only orgasmic (no less), but also key to truly mapping all existing alternatives present in the solution space. Being able to isolate and formulate a specific problem and all its implications to someone you trust and know will not judge you is half the problem solved. Furthermore, in some cases where the CEO needs to deal with sensitive topics, such as succession, major re-org, project reshuffling, or energizing the senior team, it would be almost impossible to involve their directs or even some of their directs for obvious reasons. We are, in this case, a natural choice. Many times, we are also asked to provide a second opinion on strategic matters as an external neutral party.

Work with a talented person you don't have to manage

Working with a clever and results oriented consultant on a specific area in the long run could be fun; you focus on one thing only: getting the value you need… you don’t have to care about career development, incentive schemes, formal performance reviews, or personal conflicts with peers… and the icing on the cake is you don’t have to go through the heavy bureaucratic processes to get him/her on board or to terminate the collaboration.

A pretext to stop the day-to-day, and think strategically

Sometimes the external advisor is only a necessary pretext to get out of the office, clear your mind, and focus all your brainpower on a given task so you can reach a decision. In this case, we are leveraged to perform the initial data collection and for facilitating the decision-making process. For instance, a general manager we have been working for has insisted on having our weekly sessions in our Tel Aviv offices, despite the fact he had to drive 40 minutes.

Leverage external capabilities for a predetermined period

In some cases, the CEO and his/her management team don’t have the expertise to address a specific issue. No worries… no-one knows it all… This is also a common practice to reduce execution risk for first timers or unusual corporate events.

Handle unpleasant
processes faster

Remember the last time you had to deal with a staff reduction event? Most of the time the external advisor is not emotionally involved in the process and can help you look yourself in the mirror and make the agonizing decisions promptly. As well in terms of execution, in the case of a re-org or a staff reduction process, acting fast is a decisive factor in making the process less painful for the firm.

Being told you are on the wrong path

Due to groupthink and their personal agenda, your direct subordinates will tend not to fight too much. You can trust us. We will not believe “clients are always right”, we will tell you when/if we think you are wrong despite the fact you are paying us. Many times we have told our executive clients what we believed was in their best personal interest despite their originally expressed views. In such cases, our approach is always to show you the data that backs up our point, so you can review, take the best possible decision, and optimally save a tremendous amount of money, time and energy.

Get very long-hours
during a condensed period

Get very long-hours during a condensed period which you may not be able to request from your existing managers.

Working with us
is so easy

• Committed to deliver exceptional value:

We are a small team of senior consultants that comes from industry with a super practical mindset, and not from a pure management consulting background. (If you need a theoretical doctorate to be written on why you should not follow a given decision, we are not the address). We have served as CEOs, General Managers or Directors in other Tier-1 companies and Start-ups. We know your challenges and how to fast track resolutions.

• We know a thing or two about Digital Transformation:

We are one of the only Management Consulting & Strategy companies in Israel that truly understands the transformative fusion of Business and Technology, and how it can benefit our clients. Most of us have been working for technology giants at key positions and have been involved in the integration of technological solutions in major businesses.

• We don’t play games with you:

Unlike pure management consulting firms, with us the analytical and assessment work is not performed by junior analysts (the "associates" as they like to call them) and then presented by senior partners. We are super lean. You will be assigned one senior consultant that will support you end-to-end and work with you in full transparency; no complex communication, no complex contracts, no differential pricing, no crap!

• Zero Risk & Full Control:

First of all, you take zero risks... you pay as you go, buying a certain amount of consulting hours as a package every time needed.

• Guaranteed Discretion:

We guarantee discretion and complete confidentiality. You have our word (and a signed NDA ;-).

• We value your time:

Depending on the nature of the problematic we work on, we do all the homework offline and we have weekly face-to-face or video sessions with you only when needed. We value the time of our CEO clients, we ALWAYS come super prepared to meetings.

The overall process is simple:

1.Initial intro meeting with the CEO to discuss the scope of the potential collaboration
1.Initial intro meeting with the CEO to discuss the scope of the potential collaboration
2.Agreement on the overall modus operandi (scope, frequency of the meetings, etc.)
2.Agreement on the overall modus operandi (scope, frequency of the meetings, etc.)
3.Signature of the required agreement and NDA documents
3.Signature of the required agreement and NDA documents
4.Actual work
4.Actual work

Who we are

DataToCapital is a leading Management Consulting company based in Israel that supports global firms and start-ups in their route to excellence, innovation and market disruption.

We are the only Management Consulting & Strategy company that truly understands the transformative fusion of Business and Technology, and how it can benefit its clients.

What our CEO clients
say about us

Sector:Digital Healthcare

Management Consulting

It was a great pleasure working with Yohan over 18 months on Technology Integration projects within RISE innovation initiatives. Yohan is a terrific partner for the full cycle of a technology project, from the planning phase (specification, RFP, …), development management and ensuring the timely and comprehensive execution, managing multiple contributing parties. He brings extensive knowhow and experience with the highest levels of professionalism, structure, attention to details and service ability. A real asset for every organization.

Ronen Viner - CEO of RISE, Teva Pharmaceuticals


Start-Up Fundraising

The support from Yohan and the team at DataToCapital has been decisive in completing our Series A financing round.

Avishai Drori - CEO and Co-Founder at SolAround Ltd.

Sector:Digital Healthcare

Start-Up Fundraising

"Get things done" is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Yohan and his team. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Yohan for the past 6-months, during which he helped us in our fundraising initiatives and in other strategic matters. Above all, I was impressed with Yohan’s ability to understand my market, the nuances of my product positioning, the surrounding competition and my needs as the CEO of the company. And, of course, his talent and determination when it comes to connecting us to the right people to move our business initiatives forward. Yohan would be a true asset for any CEO, board, or executive.

Rafi Zack - Co-Founder & CEO at EchoCare Technologies Ltd.

Sector:Energy Grid

Start-Up Fundraising

I've worked closely with Yohan during the past few months. It was a real pleasure working with him - he is smart, driven by strong values and integrity, pleasant to work with and highly effective. He gets along very well with people and is able to navigate complex processes to push our charter forward. I highly recommend the team at DataToCapital and would seek opportunities to work with them again in the future.

Ronny Izhak - CEO at Synvertec Ltd.


Start-Up Fundraising

I was particularly impressed by DataToCapital’s consulting services. They have managed to secure an investment for our venture in a relatively short period of time. Their investor network is vast and they have a strong relationship at the partner/decision-making level. They work hard to make the right connections and to facilitate the process end-to-end.
I recommend Yohan and his team for any start-up in need of securing capital

Israel Fraier, Founder & CEO at Agritask Ltd.

Sector:Digital Healthcare

Start-Up Fundraising

While working with Yohan and his team at DataToCapital, we have learned how powerful their investor network composed of private investors, family offices, venture capitalists, and other relevant players specific to our value chain can be. DataToCapital is a great business partner for any start-up. The team has worked around the clock and have managed to secure an investment ticket for our venture!

Ofer Harpak, CTO and Chairman at Oxitone Medical Ltd.


Start-Up Fundraising
Hamutal Yitzhak

DataToCapital has been a great venture financing consultancy partner for our firm. They have introduced us to serious investors from the FoodTech space. We strongly recommend their services!

Hamutal Yitzhak, Co-founder/CEO at Else Nutrition Holdings Inc

Find out how
DataToCapital can help you...

Find out how
DataToCapital can help you...

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