We make the world a better place by supporting the most innovative Israeli startups getting funded.

Would you be
the next ?

We make the world a
better place by supporting
the most innovative Israeli
startups getting funded.

Would you be
the next ?

During the past two decades of work in fast forward mode, we have built a solid network of Private Investors, Family Office, VCs, and Corporate investors looking for investment opportunities and innovations capable to fuel their 10-100x growth. Today, we offer founders like you to leverage our precious assets. We support you in each phase of your process get your Start-Up funded by trusted investors, so you can focus on delivering on the real stuff

CEO and Co-Founder at SolAround Ltd.
Avishai Drori
CEO and Co-Founder at SolAround Ltd.

"The support from Yohan and the team at DataToCapital have been decisive in completing our Series A financing round."

Rafi Zack
Co-Founder & CEO at EchoCare Technologies Ltd.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Yohan for the past 6-months, during which he helped us in our fundraising initiatives and in other strategic matters. Above all, I was impressed with Yohan’s ability to understand my market, the nuances of my product positioning, the surrounding competition and my needs as the CEO of the company. And, of course, his talent and determination when it comes to connecting us to the right people to move our business initiatives forward. Yohan would be a true asset for any CEO, board, or executive.

Israel Fraier​
Founder & CEO at Agritask Ltd.

I was particularly impressed by DataToCapital’s consulting services. They have managed to secure an investment for our venture in a relatively short period of time. Their investor network is vast and they have a strong relationship at the partner/decision-making level. They work hard to make the right connections and to facilitate the process end-to-end. I recommend Yohan and his team for any start-up in need of securing capital.

Ofer Harpak
CTO and Chairman at Oxitone Medical Ltd.​

While working with Yohan and his team at DataToCapital, we have learned how powerful their investor network composed of private investors, family offices, venture capitalists, and other relevant players specific to our value chain can be. DataToCapital is a great business partner for any start-up. The team has worked around the clock and have managed to secure an investment ticket for our venture!​

Zohar Beeri
Chairman & CEO at Novotalk

If you need to secure capital for your startup with great investors, Yohan earns my highest recommendation. He has introduced us to very relevant parties and has successfully managed to get the work done, closing an actual investment in record time!

Hamutal Yitzhak
Co-founder/CEO at Else Nutrition Holdings Inc

DataToCapital has been a great venture financing consultancy partner for our firm. They have introduced us to serious investors from the FoodTech space. We strongly recommend their services!

Eran Shlomo
Eran Shlomo
CEO at DataLoop Ltd.

I truly recommend DataToCapital to any startup willing to get access to serious investors and fast track its financing efforts. DataToCapital has been of a precious help for DataLoop at its early stage.

Yisrael Gross
Co-founder & COO at L7 Defence Ltd.

Data2Capital has a strong venture investor network in the Israeli ecosystem and well connected abroad to strategic partners.

Working with us is so easy...

First of all, you take zero risks… our standard finder fee agreement is 2-3 pages long, no complex clauses, no hidden pitfalls. This agreement is based mainly on success fee model and is in general non-exclusive (you are welcome to work with other finders or to directly contact investors on your own. The exclusive parties we will be working with are explicitly listed in the finder fee agreement, and between us, you will most likely have no way to successfully approach them without our support 😉

The Industries we look for

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About Us

DataToCapital is one of the most innovative boutique management consulting firm in Israel. We are at the strategic intersection of Business and Technology. Thanks to our rich background and deep understanding of the local innovation ecosystem, we offer our investor network members (including Private Investors, Family Offices, VCs, and Corporate investors) access to the best ventures investment opportunities, due diligence support, and board representation

Our Team Leader

Yohan is the mind behind DataToCapital. He has spent the past two decades working for software giants (Oracle, Sun Microsystems, and Cisco) on cross-functional mega projects and commercial initiatives. Before founding DataToCapital, Yohan was Director at the most business-centric tech company on earth, Oracle, where he was managing multi-million dollar annual budgets for the Fusion Middleware organization. On top of his global responsibilities, Yohan was responsible for the largest Oracle R&D center in Israel. The site included both product development and market development engineering teams.

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