Product & Strategy Executives: Work with us and Get things done!

Market Research & Competitive Analysis
Coming with the right value proposition, at the right time, to the right customer segment, and at the right price requires going beyond intuition and experience. Our industry leaders help Tier-1 firms, supporting their ideas with fact-based market research.

Identifying a Competitor's Strategy
Have you ever dreamed of a document landing on your desk with details of your main competitor's strategy? Guess what? We can deliver on that front...and it's even legal. We don't yet read CEOs' minds, but our super-power is to know how to locate, to reverse engineer and to decrypt very specific public information and signals in the market. These indices are key to understanding and documenting a company's long-term goals, the course of actions planned, and in some cases, even the internal resources involved to meet these goals.

Business Model Assessment
A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value. Our consultants help you understand, design, rework, and implement your future potential business models.

Product Strategy & Specification
Our consultants have helped tens of Tier-1 tech companies in Israel and abroad achieve sustained, profitable product growth. We view Product Strategy as a proprietary set of actions that makes your products and services top performers in their respective markets.

Technology Assessment
Our experts support CTO offices and decision-makers with technology assessment and trends analysis of specific domains at the R&D level (rather than at the product level) providing critical input for innovation, R&D roadmap, and strategic M&A/investment related decisions.

Technology Partnerships and Alliances
According to the innovation strategy and R&D roadmap defined by the company, we identify and establish partnerships with key research teams in the industry / academia on possible company technology issues or technology synergies, for example through collaborative research incentives programs (H2020, BIRD, and others) or through direct collaboration.

Business Development Strategy
You have a winning product or service… you are almost there… Our professionals support you taking your new product or service to market - effectively and profitably, with a robust and actionable plan. Our pragmatic approach helps you take advantage of your inside and outside resources (e.g. sales force and distributors) to deliver your unique value proposition to customers, with style.

Supporting Boards to stay laser-focused
We work with the boards of many of the most influential businesses in Israel providing them the tools and capabilities necessary to deliver superior business performance. We help them focus on the truly important corporate issues, and monitor the progress on their strategic business efforts.

Industry Conference Coverage
It is not always possible for you and your teams to cover all the strategic conferences and events relevant to your product offering. We work with you before the event to define the issues and firms you would like to see covered, we gather the requested intelligence on-site and report to you the relevant insights as if you were there.

Customer Analytics & Predictive Modeling
We employ a variety of techniques from data visualization, statistics, modeling and data mining to analyze historical customer data to develop models that predicts likely preferences, future events, and next actions. Our experts provide clients with tools and actionable insights that enable sales increases and customer satisfaction.